Other therapeutic areas

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Inflammatory project

Sylentis is centred on inflammatory bowel disease as main disease within this project. More specifically, in Crohn’s disease, a chronic disease characterized by inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract which can occur in all its length, from the mouth to the anus, but which is more frequent in the inferior portion of the small intestine.

Central Nervous System

Sylentis has developed a method of siRNA administration to the central nervous system based on intranasal administration. This system is especially advantageous as it avoids systemic administration, which is especially complicated due to the high speed at which siRNAs are degraded in blood (in a question of minutes), and it also avoids the issue of targeting the compounds to the central nervous system and overcoming the blood-brain barrier.


Given the speed with which siRNA is degraded when in contact with RNases present in biological fluids, one of Sylentis projects’ is the development of formulations which will increase the stability of our products and enable access to different target tissues within the body.