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In accordance with Spanish law,  the news section is structured into two categories: General News and professional news.  Access to professional categories requires the acceptance of legal terms and conditions and the confirmation of your capacity as a health professional.

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Corporate Values

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The value of innovating: that is the spirit of our company. Innovation in Sylentis means to consider new challenges to be dealt with in a rational and justified way.  Based on solid, sound and consistent values. Values which make us more and more competitive every day and, above all, they make us different.


  • We apply our talent, knowledge and resources to the production of new ideas. We face challenge and uncertainty with zeal, tenacity and vision, and take advantage of every opportunity to improve ourselves.


  • Teamwork with maximum efficiency
  • Our company is strong because our employees are different, trained and participative. We pursue greater potential as individual contributors, members of a team and group leaders.


  • We accomplish what we promise
  • We are open and honest in our dealings with others.  We assume our responsibilities to ensure that the work turns out well.
  • Our products are first class. Our personal and corporate actions are designed to achieve mutual responsibility and confidence. We are sincere, objective and respectful, both in business lines and in the development of working relationships.


  • We anticipate change efficiently
  • We make the most of opportunities and new challenges
  • We are consistent with our fundamental values, we exert ourselves to achieve growth, transformation and renovation, we are creative and constructive, as the fount of inspiration and vitality.


  •  We measure our success by the extent to which our team members succeed in their objetives and development.  Our patients, doctors, shareholders, employees and  clients deserve our best efforts
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Debido a la legislación española vigente las noticias están divididas en dos áreas: noticias de interés general y noticias profesionales. Para acceder a las noticias de interés profesional le solicitamos la aceptación de nuestras condiciones legales y la confirmación de que usted es un profesional del campo de la salud.

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