Social Corporate Responsability

Category: Sylentis

Sylentis’ main mission is the discovery, development and commercialization of therapies which help to improve patients’ quality of life. All our research projects are centred on pathologies which lack an effective treatment at present. Finding an effective treatment for ophthalmologic pathologies such as glaucoma, inflammatory diseases of a chronic nature or central nervous system illnesses, are a social necessity, as their incidence increases with progressive aging of the population.

Our responsibility in R&D

Sylentis’ research and development is carried out according to existing laws and regulations under the strictest ethical standards. Research with animals tends to reduce the number of subjects used, to substitute this type of experimentation with alternative techniques, and to refine these processes to reduce animal suffering as much as possible.
Sylentis participates in European technological platforms (and in their Spanish counterparts) such as “Nanomedicines”, whose objective is to help advance research in the health sciences to solve existing deficiencies in an intelligent manner, and avoid possible security problems associated with potential treatments. These problems may only be solved via close collaboration with other companies within the sector, therefore integration in these platforms is crucial.

All planned clinical trials abide the criteria established by successive editions of the Helsinki Declaration and national and international Bioethical codes (Convention of Oviedo, etc.)